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Ready to shift from data silos to data stories? Looker Embedded Analytics and Appnovation’s data experience layer let you see trends at a glance and dig into the metrics that matter. With Embedded Analytics, we bring all your data together with the context you need to make meaningful decisions.


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Make Data Meaningful with Looker Embedded Analytics 
by Appnovation

What to expect

You’ll get access to an interactive data dashboard and see how data from multiple sources can be aggregated and layered with a visually stunning experience, in just 6 weeks. Experience how an Embedded Analytics dashboard can inform your decision making while cutting down on time and complexities.

About Appnovation and Looker

Appnovation is a full-service digital consultancy and Looker Consulting Partner. We help your organization unlock the full potential of your data, decrease unnecessary expenditures, and gain a better understanding of customer behavior. Our experts will organize and aggregate your data extracts, create dashboards to visualize and analyze information, and develop data models for self-service reporting. If you’re in need of quicker, more informed data-based decision making, request a demo and get in touch with our experts. 

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Looker Embedded Analytics by Appnovation

What is Embedded Analytics?

Embedded Analytics quickly integrate your data into your existing workflows, helping you see and understand data instantly and with more depth. An efficient custom build lets you see value sooner with consistent, live metrics and complete control of the user experience.